Signs of a Panic Attack

Many people are accustomed to periods of high stress at different points in their lives, but not everyone experiences panic attacks. While some people may say they are having a panic attack during these times, they most likely aren’t actually having one and it’s... read more

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Chances are that at some point, you’ve seen a movie or television show that portrayed a person that struggled with having different personalities spring up at them at inconvenient time. Movies like Fight Club and Me, Myself, and Irene may be interesting and even... read more

Mental Health Awareness Month

Ever since 1949, the United States has been observing Mental Health Awareness month in May because of an effort from the Mental Health America organization. Each year, Mental Health America reaches millions of people across the country to raise awareness of mental... read more

Pet Ownership and Mental Health

In many scenarios, the love between a pet and their owners becomes an unbreakable bond. Not only does the pet rely on the human for basic means of living, but whether they recognize it, humans begin to rely on animals as well. This relationship of relying on one... read more

Psychopathy vs. Sociopathy

Psychopathy and sociopathy are two very different and real features of antisocial personality disorder. Oftentimes these two terms are used interchangeably to describe someone who may seem out of touch with reality, however, the behaviors of a psychopath differ... read more

Mental Illness and College Students

When high school graduates leave for the first time to go to college, the focus is typically on what classes they’ll be taking, scholarships, school loans, and their new dorm rooms, but some of the focus should be on preparation for how their mental health could be... read more