Mental Illness and College Students

When high school graduates leave for the first time to go to college, the focus is typically on what classes they’ll be taking, scholarships, school loans, and their new dorm rooms, but some of the focus should be on preparation for how their mental health could be... read more

Fighting the Winter Blues

When the thermostat dips down, many people struggle with feelings of depression and lethargy. Those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are not the only people who wrestle with the feelings of depression during the cold months. Shorter days, cold... read more

Your First Meeting With a Therapist

So you’ve done your research and have finally found a great therapist for you. The next step is to meet with the therapist and there is a certain level of anxiety associated with meeting a therapist for the first time. If you are completely new to therapy and... read more

Starting the Year Off Right

Every year offers a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions are so common, but people often have a hard time keeping them. You can avoid this issue by carefully thinking about your resolutions and planning how to accomplish them. The most important part of working toward... read more

The Benefits of Volunteering

With the holiday season approaching, there are many opportunities available to help out your community and volunteer. Although our schedules may be busy, if there is some time left in your schedule to volunteer, you should. The benefits to volunteering are many and... read more

Finding the Right Therapist for You

  People often use the terms psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, and therapist interchangeably, and while they are similar, they do not mean the same thing. When trying to maneuver the mental health world to better yourself, it’s a good idea to have a... read more

The Effects of Trigger Warnings

Within the past month, a controversial decision was made by the University of Chicago. Namely, the university sent letters to each incoming freshman stating that it does not support the idea of ‘trigger warnings’ on campus. This has sparked a massive online debate... read more