When coping with mental health, it’s important to have as many resources as possible. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, or any other mental disorder, receiving help from any source can lead to breakthroughs and an improved mental state. Therapy, friends, and family are great resources to turn to, but if you’re looking for a little more assistance, podcasts have become a great resource for coping with mental health.

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

For anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, or trauma, The Hardcore Self Help Podcast is an excellent resource. This podcast is hosted by psychologist Robert Duff who also goes by “Duff the Psych”. Duff offers his professional perspective on topics such as tackling misconceptions of mental health, finding the right therapist for you, postpartum anxiety, and more with an approach that makes his listeners feel heard.

The Hilarious World of Depression

Much like the title implies, The Hilarious World of Depression is a great resource for individuals dealing with depression to have a good laugh. This podcast is part comedy and part therapy and hosted by John Moe. It takes a lighthearted approach to deal with depression and other mental illnesses by having open and honest conversations about tough topics with humor. The show also welcomes many world-famous actors and performers to help bring down mental illness stigma and misconceptions.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

One of the more popular mental illness podcasts is The Mental Illness Happy Hour and is hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin. This podcast also takes a lighter approach to coping with a mental illness. The show welcomes fellow comedians, doctors, actors, and performers as guests to discuss their experience and mental health struggles. Some of the topics covered on this show are narcissism, childhood trauma, emotional neglect, social media addictions, and more.

By the Book

By the Book is hosted by comedian Jolenta Greenberg and culture critic Kristen Meinzer. It is a mix of a podcast and reality show, making it a very entertaining way to approach mental health. Host Jolenta and Kristen use each episode as an opportunity to live by the rules of a different self-help book and try to figure out the ones that might actually be life-changing and worth following. This is a great way to discover new coping mechanisms, wellness practices, creative activities, and even gratitude habits.

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

With the tagline “It’s totally normal to feel weird”, Bryony Gordon’s Mad World is a great podcast for those looking to feel accepted when coping with a mental illness. Bryony Gordon uses each episode as an opportunity to break stigmas and help people cope with depression, OCD, postpartum, anxiety, and more. She brings in many famous people including Prince Harry, Gizzi Erskine, Mel C., and others to discuss tough yet relatable topics.